Genesis 37-47

I dont quite understand why Joseph's brothers hated him so?! I mean just because their father liked him better because he was closest to his oldest age is no reason for taking him out and wanting to kill him. Not to mention hating him more when he starts having dreams and is able to interpret them. What does that have to do with his brothers hating him so?! It's nonsense! I mean I have a brother, but I guarantee I dont want to go out and kill him or even sell him just because he's liked more than I am.

And what was Joseph's role for being the only one to interpret these dreams? Why has God chosen him to do this?

And I also didnt under stand in the point where Joseph put the silver cup into Benjamin's bag just so he could be caught with it? Was it just that he wanted a reason to keep his family close by? Another reason to bring his family to Egypt? But then why would he send his other brother's to go tell his father that he alive and bring everyone back to Egypt? I dont understand this.

And throughout the text Joseph's father had a name change. It was either Israel or Jacob. Does this have anything to do with the fact that maybe the names are coming from different sources? What is the reasoning behind this?

In Exodus 1, why are the boys that are born to the Egyption women being killed or thrown into the Nile? Because the Egyption woman are more vigourous it says, but with what? How are they more vigourous? Because the midwife doesnt come to them sooner? I dont understand the role of the midwife with the Egyption women.

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